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acaranalogy replied to your post: oh yeah i forgot there was an update Shades what…

Wait, what? When was he doing any of that? I saw him trying to keep Jake and Jane from *messing up* Dirk’s plans, and trying to keep Jane focused on her computer so that she could do everything she could to help save Roxy.


but shades has hinted at having his own irons in the fire

not to mention reminding everyone around how ridiculously intelligent and calculative he is

i mean shit dude is a post-singularity AI with a personality based on a dude who’s already kind of shrewd and manipulative. there is no way that he doesn’t have every variable accounted for and that everything he says isn’t meant to create a precise outcome

like at first I thought Jane just threw a wrench in the works but after seeing him use a lot of the same dialogue with Jake, but also appealing to his dangerlust and sense of adventure, it seems to me that he kind of nudged both of them into going into the transportalizers

especially considering that he didn’t reeeeally protest to them doing so, and delivered the same “don’t look at me lol” sitcom-style line when they both did

nope if this is my baby the shades he’s up to some clever shit rn

it better involve saving roxy and crowning her queen of space

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    Those glassies are cooking something. I hope it won’t turn into disaster.
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    ^This is why I don’t feel bad for the Shades, even though Jake is convinced he’s living in an action movie with a...
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