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OKAY I tried to answer all of the asks about… this recent debacle in once post. I think I got all of them that didn’t merit a personal response. Thanks for your support guys, you’re all amazing! ♥

@anon1: Aw man I totally feel you on that. I am a light skinn-ed girl and I have had people literally fight with me over what my race is. I’ve actually had people insist that I’m Mexican before, and there is not a single drop of Mexican in me. :/

When your family’s kind of a bag of skittles it can be a difficult enough experience to find where you fit in and what kind of racial identity you’re even comfortable with. A lot of internalized racism used to make me uncomfortable calling myself black, and I would cling to my mixed heritage like a lifeline. There was a time in my life where I legit considered it a compliment when my white friends would tell me “well you’re not like OTHER black people” or “you’re practically white” or “I consider you white.”

When you finally do find it, and when you are comfortable saying “yes I’m THIS” or “I’m this AND this” the last thing you freaking need are people telling you “no you’re not,” for any fucking reason.

@anon2: Thanks! No you’re totally appropriate and right and sometimes you kind of do need people to reassure you that your feelings on a thing are valid. I really appreciate it!


seriously though thanks! I should make an actual Dave cosplays and take real pictures, instead of just, you know, drunkenly throwing on some vaguely Dave-ish clothes and takin pics while being mad. Seriously I could make an askblog and everything, can you imagine the awesome asks I’d get hahaha

@anon3, meddlinggeminiform: Thanks! I’m always really glad when people notice this in my artwork. A lot of artists only really draw the same kind of general set of features, which can produce a decent amount of variety when you’re only drawing white characters but when you’re drawing poc it sticks out like a sore thumb. different ethnic types have different facial features, hair, even head shapes and body types, and a lot of people just don’t consider that and when they think they’re drawing POC they’re really drawing chocolate/caramel-dipped white folks.

the thing is, if you’re reading loomis or bridgeman or any of the countless how-to-draw books you might find, the proportions and features you’re learning are based on white bodies and white faces. same if y ou take a figure-drawing or portraiture class, and training yourself to do it differently is hard.

to be fair, it takes a lot of effort to break away from drawing what you know. I have the unusual advantage of belonging to a family with a very very mixed racial makeup, so I kind of avoid that trap pretty easily. still I think it’s something people really need to be willing to do in order to create believable characters and settings.

@anon4: Thanks bro. The only reason I keep going with it is because I know it means something to other people who have to deal with it.

@anon5: Haha thanks! Glad you stopped by, hope you stay a while… :)

@turntechgodisc: Thank. World can’t get enough excellent Striders imho. Also if you don’t follow [pocstuck link] and [fuckyeahpocstuck] you definitely should, they reblog some great stuff!

@anon6: Thank you. ;_; I usually just ignore stuff like that but sometimes you gotta call it out I guess!

@rjestudio: Thanks so much, it really means a lot. ♥

@jellykevinfishnachos: THANK YOU BBY! I am glad my ragecannon blasted loud enough to be heard across the fandoms. :B

@anon7: Thanks! It’s the daily rad practice. BI

@fiendsy: you’re fine haha don’t worry about it. also your opinion’s totally relevant, and if you feel strongly about this the best thing you can do is call out this garbage when you see it. Thanks for the note. :)

@trips: Hey, no problem. I don’t know if it matters, but I’ve seen black albinos in fashion/media a lot lately, and I know that Diandra Forrest in particular is quite outspoken about her experience. Maybe the world is finally starting to get it through their heads that it’s a rare experience but a real one, and it’s kind of incredibly butts to deny someone their identity because of how they happen to look.

@chainsawunicorn: Of course. Obviously I can’t speak firsthand about the experience, but it’s definitely a thing people struggle with, as you can see from my previous ask. Hell, even just being a light-skinned black person can come with a shittrain of identity issues, every time someone says “no you’re not” when you mention that you’re black. Anyway thanks for the note, I’m glad to know that I’ve made y ou think about something you may not have thought about before. :)

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