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Yessss, more e-hugs. I’m powering up. I’m glad to know I’ve inspired you to understand and learn about things, that really means a lot. I mean it is one thing to preach to the choir, and impossible to change the minds of people who are determined to fight you, but it’s a cool thing to know that you’ve gotten someone who may not have realized something before to understand your position. Thanks for this message! :D

Hey no problem. I’m obviously feeling a lot better now than I did the other night, and these messages are no small part of that. Thanks so much, you’ve been around since the beginning and you’re always so super friendly and supportive whenever things get weird for me. Thanks for being there, you rock!


You are the best haha thank you so much for your friendly messages and also bein an awesome shipfriend. Stay beautiful :B

have you ever had to like

you know, just in your mind

attribute supernatural characteristics to someone

just to rationalize to yourself how it is possible that they can exist

anyway i’m kind of afraid of that man

(not really i’m just not sure how to go about it in a way that what i have to say would be taken seriously in any way)

Yep! A few people pointed this out to me. Some of them were very rude about it lol. But hopefully since we’re getting some attention now things will get a little more interesting, right? Just keep making noise (but be careful!) and thanks for your message. :)

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