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so i was readin on dat selkie lover and decided i wanted to draw some cool 90s teen roxy

so I did!


and then i thought it needed an accompanying sollux since i am hoping to dig back into upliink soon

so i did that too! bathroom selfies with an undoubtedly stolen old-style digital camera


and then idk while i was drawin these i had this whole scenario in my head that they were taunting each other about terrible photos of regrettable youth but

while sollux’s barely-there sense of self worth allows him to kind of laugh off the fact that if he hadn’t been recruited by the military (where he now has access to the amount and quality of food to keep his psionics from burning through all of his energy and then some) he would have probably starved to death

Roxy doesn’t find it nearly as amusing that he had to p much double his weight just to enlist



sollux doesnt quite get why roxy is so upset but he doesn’t mind the butt squeezes

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